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Dancing Earth Yoga For Every Body

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I am a certified and insured teacher with 18 years experience in sharing yoga with prenatal women, children, beginner and intermediate students and seniors. My practice began while in college where I was introduced to Iyengar Yoga by Dean Lerner. My interest in yoga grew and my desire to help people too. I continued to practice and started professional training in 1998 and continue my training when possible. I study with teachers in a variety of traditions, and use personal discovery and healing to bring safe and creative yoga to others.

Jen Champion leads traditional hatha yoga classes designed to make yoga accessible to every body. Asana, pranayama, and meditation are at the seat of her practice and classes. Jen brings soothing qualities to her inspiring classes with her genuine caring attitude. She encourages students to form postures with proper alignment and smooth coordination of breath and movement. Jen enjoys sharing yoga and encouraging people to live in peace and grace on and off the mat.

Jen has been teaching yoga for 18 years with a specialty for assisting boomers and seniors in chair yoga. She led biweekly classes for 15 years at a retirement home and shared yoga with a variety of people throughout   venues in Central PA and East Coast music festivals.

She received her 200 hour Certification at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 2002. She continues to study and plans to attain her 500 hour studies and certification at Jen studied Iyengar and Tri Yoga, Trance Dance with Shiva Rea and completed workshops in Mediation, Yoga Nidra, and Transformational Living.

Jen, a true team member, volunteered as elected president and director for 15 years for HHWA, a non profit wellness group and the Natural Connection, a center she helped establish in Huntingdon, PA.

Jen cares for her daughter Sage and her two golden lab-retriever dogs and the family adopted stray kitten. Jen and her husband Duane incorporate a gong along with crystal and metal bowls into their practices, classes and workshops. She enjoys growing herbs, hiking amongst waterfalls and hot springs and embracing the gifts of life in beautiful Oregon.


For those new to yoga or those interested in re-establishing core principles of practice.


A tender loving approach to yoga. Access poses with the assistance of props as needed.


Continue to develop your practice with deeper variations and longer holdings.


Seated in a chair and standing with chair support as needed. Great for seniors, those recovering from injury, office workers and all.


Using fabric to access an uplifted practice. Support with fabric allows the body to access poses with ease.

Meet Our Team

Jen Champion

Jen Champion

Yoga Teacher


Duane Champion

Duane Champion

Meditation Teacher


Personally studied with Mahareshi definer of Transcendental Meditation



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Springfield Oregon Studio


Yoga mat cleaner, eye pillows, salve


“I really enjoyed yoga with Jen.  I wish she was still here.  I just liked how she taught the class.  She made it easy to learn and enjoy yoga.  I just enjoyed her too.”

Vickie McKinney


“I was privileged to know Jen as her vision of a Health and Wellness Center evolved and came into being not only as a Center for yoga in our small town of Huntingdon, but also for holistic health. Jen is a gifted yoga teacher whose expertise, sensitivity and kindness lead others to explore and experience the many benefits of yoga.” 

Sue Deobil


“With my spinal disabilities I was afraid to do yoga, but Jen took special efforts to ensure that I learned ways to do things so that they wouldn’t hurt my condition.  And once I could learn to stretch and do yoga exercises, the benefits were amazing.  The pain and limitations became less of an issue for me.  Today, I firmly believe that she helped me to have a better life through her teaching of yoga.  She is an amazing teacher.”

Keppy Arnoldsen